Claimant Penalised for Badly Produced Court Bundle

Judith Thompson  07-07-2016

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What is a litigant in person? A litigant in person, is the name given to someone who deals with a claim, or a defence to a claim themselves, without legal representation. 

A recent order of the High Court makes it clear that the court will not tolerate poorly produced material. In an application heard during the case of PM Project Services Ltd v Dairy Crest Ltd, the court issued a costs order against a claimant who had failed to produce a court bundle with proper page numbering. 

The courts are under increasing pressure from a rise in the number of litigants in person, many of whom struggle to deal with the court's orders and procedures, without legal representation. Decisions made in several cases recently are making it crystal clear that the courts won't allow litigants in person any leeway if they waste the court's time.

Litigants in person who do not deal with their cases properly, risk having their claims struck out (even if their claims are valid) and/or being ordered to pay extra costs. 

Samuels Solicitors, based in Devon, have several decades of litigation expertise and can assist you to bring your claim in line with the court's requirements. You do not have to instruct us to go on the court record - you can continue to deal with the court directly yourself - but we can help you behind the scenes, and for agreed fixed costs, to make sure that you are doing everying properly. 

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