Gabby Logan wins libel case against Mail Online

Judith Thompson  18-09-2023

A claim for libel brought by TV presenter Gabby Logan and her rugby player husband against Mail Online has been successful. It has been reported that Logan will receive "substantial" sums in compensation. Their solicitor has suggested that the total they will receive will run to six figures. 


Gabby Logan's Libel Claim

Logan and her husband decided to start a claim for libel after the Mail Online reported in February this year that they received payment of half a million pounds, in return for promoting a tax avoidance scheme amongst their high profile and famous friends.

The allegations were untrue and the Mail withdrew the story and apologised in open court, acknowledging the harm and distress the libellous article had caused.

Logan and her husband also sued an account who gave a quote to Mail Online which appeared in the Mail's article, as well as the editor of The Sun who had published a separate tweet about the story. 


Have you got a claim for libel?

If an untrue story has been published about you, whether by a newspaper, online on social media, or in any other way, you may be able to bring a claim for compensation. 

Often publications can be picked up and repeated by others (like the editor of The Sun picking up the story from the Mail Online in Gabby Logan's case), which means they can also be sued. 


What do I need to prove in a libel claim?

To bring a successful claim for libel, you need to prove:

  • the untrue statement has caused serious harm to your reputation 
  • if you are suing on behalf of a company, that the untrue statement caused you financial loss

You do not need to prove that what has been said is untrue - it is up to your opponent to prove that what they have said about you is true, which can be very difficult. 

Mail Online clearly could not prove that Gabby Logan and her husband had been paid £500k to promote a tax avoidance scheme, and so they had to pay compensation to her. 


What can I do if someone tells lies about me?

If your reputation has been damaged by untrue statements you have been the victim of libel, and you need to take action quickly as there is a short period of time for you to start proceedings in court. 

We will be happy to speak to you about your case and advise you what you can do. In nearly all cases, you will need to start your claim for libel by sending your opponent a letter of claim. Once you have a response, or if your opponent ignores your letter, you can sue them for compensation. 

Speak to one of our expert lawyers today, to discussing bringing your claim for libel. 


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