Thinking of renovating a farm building?

Judith Thompson

Do you have an old barn or outbuilding you want to renovate? What are the rules about renovating old farm buildings and will the new framework help?

New guidance published by Historic England, called the National Farmstead Assessment Framework, is intended to help new owners convert old properties on farms sympathetically.

The guidance suggests that farmsteads make a fundamental contribution to both the landscape, character and local distinctiveness of an area and therefore this guidance intends to help inform good quality conversions and innovative design.

It also intends to ensure that a related planning application for this type of conversion complies with national planning policy and identifies where professional advice and support would be helpful.

It should make the process more predictable and it is hoped that this will encourage people to renovate and re-build these buildings in a way that enhances their historical character, and before they decay.

Judith Thompson, partner at Samuels, says "if this new framework streamlines the process and creates time and efficiency savings for those taking on these projects, then this can only have a positive impact".

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