Samuels receives Environmental Accomplishment recognition

Elayne Clarke

As part of our ongoing committment to community and social responsibility, Samuels changed the way our waste paper is disposed of a year ago, and now we are seeing the results.

Whilst we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, we have responsibilities to clients to protect confidential information and we are required to ensure that secure information is managed and safely disposed of.

This is why Shred-it's scheme has been invaluable to us. 

Using Shred-it's shredding and recycling program, Samuels has ensured that confidential documents are securely destroyed and then recycled into new paper products. 

Over the last 12 months, this initiative has meant that Samuels has saved 17 trees from destruction and we have been awarded a certificate of Environmental Accomplishment.

We would highly recommend this scheme to businesses who have similar responsibilities to ours when it comes to disposing of confidential waste. 

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