Jeremy Corbyn's defamation claim

Judith Thompson

Jeremy Corbyn has demonstrated how important it is to take action quickly in a defamation matter.

Tory MP Ben Bradley, took to Twitter to falsely accuse Jeremy Corbyn of passing British secrets to communist Czechoslovakia. 

Ben Bradley's original tweet was posted on 19 February 2018.  By 25 February 2018 (less than a week later) Ben Bradley had published an apology on Twitter confirming that what he had said in his original tweet was “wholly untrue and false”.  It has of course been well publicised that Ben Bradley also agreed to make a substantial donation to his local food bank and homeless charity, as part of his recompense for having libelled Mr Corbyn.

Judith Thompson, a litigation partner at Samuels Solicitors, with a particular specialism in defamation cases, says: “The very swift action taken by Mr Corbyn in this case is to be commended. Where matters of reputation are at stake, the Courts can take a dim view of claimants who wait for months and months before taking any action. Where reputation is concerned it is imperative that action is taken as a matter of urgency”.

Samuels Solicitors has a niche specialism in dealing with defamation cases, which covers both libel and slander.  We also assist clients with online reputation management issues, which includes making online applications to Google and other search engines for the Right to be Forgotten.

Libel and slander claims are becoming more and more common, particuarly because of the use of social media and other communication platforms such as Twitter, FaceBook, WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat and others.

If you believe that you have been the victim of libel or slander, it is important to take action as quickly as possible.

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