How to Choose a Solicitor

Judith Thompson

Choosing the right solicitor can sometimes be confusing. How do you tell if they’re any good? After all, solicitors should all be the same high quality, shouldn’t they?

Well, in theory, the answer is “yes”.  They’re supposed to be good at whatever they do. But through our work representing people who have been let down by solicitors, we know that’s not always the case. Whilst traditionally solicitors have been good at keeping up to date with the law, they sometimes neglect some key lawyerly skills. Things like communicating well, managing relationships with clients and colleagues, writing persuasively and understanding what it takes to run their business.

So what should be happening to make sure this improves?

Solicitors have a new professional duty to maintain ‘continuing competence’.  Every year they must take some time to reflect on their work and identify what they could be doing better.   They should consider four key areas:

  • Ethics, professionalism and judgement
  • Technical legal practice
  • Working with other people
  • Managing themselves and their work

At Samuels Solicitors we know that our skills in these areas are what set us apart from other law firms.

Just in the same way that you prefer doctors with a good bedside manner, you also prefer solicitors with good professional skills - as well as legal knowledge! We think we’ve got the combination just right.

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