Can I change solicitors during my case?


It is an established principle of English law that you can instruct whatever solicitor you choose. You can therefore change solicitor half way through a case if you wish to do so. 

There are many different reasons why you might want to change your solicitor. Common complaints about solicitors are:

  • your solicitor is too slow;
  • your solicitor is never available by telephone;
  • your solicitor does not respond to emails or letters;
  • you do not believe that your solicitor is progressing your matter;
  • your solicitor has charged too much;
  • your solicitor was criticised by a judge;
  • you no longer trust your solicitor;
  • you disagree with the advice your solicitor has given you; or
  • your solicitor does not understand your case.

If you are dissatisfied with your solicitor, you can instruct someone else to take over the case for you. You simply have to sign a form to confirm that you want your files to be transferred to your new solicitor.

In some circumstances your old solicitor may require payment before they will release their files.

If your solicitor has been negligent, you may be able to claim back damages and the extra costs you have incurred, from your old solicitor.

We are experts in assisting clients in these circumstances, and are happy to provide no win no fee (conditional fee) agreements to clients with strong cases. 

If you are unhappy, remember, you can change your solicitor, so contact us today for a free no obligation discussion about how we can help. 



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