Unhappy with the result of your case?

Judith Thompson  31-07-2015

Going to court can be very stressful. The likelihood is that you will have spent months and sometimes years preparing your case, often at great expense. Eventually you have your day in court, and it does not go to plan.

If you lose, you will usually have to pay your opponent's costs, as well as having to pay your own. This can be disastrous for many people.

These are examples of circumstances where you might be able to take action against your solicitor to recover some of your losses:

  • Your solicitor did not tell you that there was a risk, or any significant risk of losing. If they had, you may not have started proceedings at all, or you might have tried to settle the proceedings at an earlier stage, before the costs got very high;
  • Your solicitor did not advise you to make an offer to settle, which you would have been willing to consider, which could have meant that the proceedings came to an end more quickly;
  • Your solicitor did not advise you to accept an offer to settle made by your opponent, and the judge was critical of this decision. In these circumstances, you could find that you are ordered to pay higher levels of costs or compensation to your opponent;
  • Your solicitor did not discuss whether you could insure yourself against losing the claim. If they had, you may not have had to cover your opponent's costs yourself, after you lost the case;
  • The judge criticised your solicitor or your barrister for being badly prepared, either in the way they presented the case at court, or in the preparation for trial, such as putting together witness evidence or trial bundles;
  • Your expert changed their mind while they were being cross examined, which suggests that they had not been provided with the full details of the case, at an appropriate stage; or
  • You might have ended up with a worthless judgment, as your opponent simply cannot pay and your solicitor did not advise you that this was a risk.

If any of the above examples apply to you, we may be able to help. In some cases, we may advise you to use your previous lawyer's complaints procedure, if you have suffered because they have provided you with a poor service. 

In other cases, if the solicitor's work has been so poor that it falls below the standards that you are entitled to expert of a professional, and you have been caused financial loss, you may be able to bring a claim for compensation for professional negligence

At Samuels, we are experts in bringing claims against solicitors who have let their clients down. This has been our niche area of expertise for over 30 years and we have helped countless clients put things right, when a solicitor has been negligent.

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