What can I do about Anti Social Behaviour?

Mark Cummings

Victims of anti-social behaviour often feel ignored and helpless. Up until now, the systems in place have often meant that people do not know where to turn for assistance, or they get passed from one agency to another, without any resolution to their underlying problems.

There is now a new law, the Anti-Social Behaviour and Police Act 2014. This is designed to assist victims of anti-social behaviour and to enable them to engage with the relevant agencies more easily, including the Police, Local Authority and Social Landlords.

The purpose of the act is to stop victims feeling helpless and from being bounced from one agency to another.

The act provides that the approach which should be adopted is to put victims first and introduces “community triggers” to give the victim the ability to demand action. Victims will also be able to have a “community remedy”, which gives them a say in the punishment which is given to perpetrators of anti social behaviour.

There are six main tools in the act, to help in the fight against anti social behaviour. These are:

  • Injunctions
  • Criminal Behaviour Orders
  • Dispersal Powers
  • Community Protection Notice and Orders
  • Public Spaces Protection Orders, and
  • Closure of Premises. 

In certain circumstances, Social Landlords will also be able to evict tenant on the basis of anti-social behaviour.

This new act is clearly good news for victims of anti social behaviour.

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