New Dispute Resolution Regulations Into Force

Judith Thompson

The (snappily etitled!) Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Amendment) Regulations 2015 have been published, which update existing regulations. The amendments came into force on 9 July 2015. 

Alternative dispute resultion is now a well-established method of resolving disputes without the need to go to Court. This can include mediation, as well as other methods of dispute resolution.

It is now so important to engage with alternative dispute resolution, that parties can be penalised in costs if they do not do so. In addition, it is possible that your solicitor could be found to be negligent if they do not discuss alternative dispute resolution with you at an early stage or recommend that you accept an offer to mediate.

At Samuels, we have many years' experience in helping clients achieve creative and cost-effective resolutions to disputes, without the need to go to court.

We are also always willing to discuss creative funding options with you, to help you with paying legal fees.

If you have a dispute that you want to mediate, contact us for a free, no obligation discussion about how we can assist you.