Boundary Dispute Case: worth going to prison?


Boundary Dispute Devon

A long running boundary dispute has left a couple from Yorkshire with a £70,000 legal bill and an injunction ordered against them.

The dispute started in 2012 when Steve and Sandra Marshall returned home to find that the middle section of the hedge separating their property from their neighbours had been cut away. 

Mr and Mrs Marshall's neighbours have the benefit of legal expenses insurance with Churchill Insurance, who have been dealing with the dispute on their behalf. 

The boundary dispute has now culminated in an order being made against Mr and Mrs Marshall stating that they must allow people onto their property to cut the hedge back. However, they have stated that they will not allow this.

If they do not allow the hedge to be cut, they face the risk of being jailed for breach of the injunction.

Boundary Disputes

A boundary dispute is any dispute between the owners of neighbouring land, about where the correct boundary between their properties lies. 

Unless boundary disputes between neighbours are handled sensitively and efficiently from the outset, they can give rise to the type of long running expensive dispute described above, when neighbours positions become entrenched and legal costs spiral out of control.

How We Can Help

At Samuels Solicitors, based in Devon, we have a wealth of experience in assisting clients with disputes about boundaries and disputes with their neighbours.

We will always advise the client involved in a dispute with neighbours to consider mediation at an early stage which can often lead to resolution of a boundary dispute without the need to run up huge legal bills. 

We serve clients throughout Devon and the wider South West region, as well as the whole of the United Kingdom.

What About the Costs of Boundary Disputes?

We take access to justice very seriously and will assist our clients in finding a way to cover legal fees, which suits them.

We have a variety of flexible funding options available to clients to assist with payment of our fees, and we will assess any matter for free at the outset. Where appropriate, we may be able to assist clients on a conditional (no win no fee) basis. 

To speak to an expert legal adviser about a boundary dispute, call 01271 343457 today. 


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