Commercial litigation

  • Serving court papers on an opponent can be difficult if their offices are closed - so what can you do?
  • The impact of the coronavirus is affecting every area of life, but how is it affecting the courts and the handling of civil claims?
  • After a McKenzie Friend gave wrong advice which led to a child being removed from the country, new warnings are issued to people seeking advice with cases.
  • Read a summary of how we assisted a commercial client settle a dispute without the need to go to Court.
  • The Supreme Court were surprised by the arguments raised by a Saudi prince concerning the disclosure of documents. In the end, no exceptions were made because of royal status.
  • Judith Thompson

    Judith Thompson Partner
    Has a professional let you down? Maybe you lost a case in court, or you have fallen out with your accountant or architect. If so, you need to know what evidence you need to bring a successful claim. Early analysis is essential to avoid costly mistakes.